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Our passion for community and sport drives us to build and sustain thriving relationships with key influencers, generous donors, and strategic partners. Located in the heart of Peoria, HOOPS Inc. leverages these connections to enhance the lives of athletes and residents alike, fostering a culture of achievement, support, and collective growth. Join us as we explore the profound impacts of our collaborators and the ripple effects of their engagement within the community.

meet the Influencers

The stories of Myla, Thomas, and Jordan are just a few examples of how individual dedication can lead to collective success. Through their efforts, HOOPS Inc. has seen significant advancements in athlete development, performance, and well-being. Their contributions resonate deeply within the HOOPS community, reinforcing our core values of resilience, innovation, and leadership. These influencers help us push beyond perceived limits, charting new paths to greatness.

Myla Hill - Former UFC fighter and Daughter of NBA Legend Grant Hill

Myla hill

A Journey from the Ring to Community Inspiration

Myla Hill’s path through the competitive world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been nothing short of remarkable. Rising from a modest background, Myla has clinched numerous accolades in the ring. Beyond her athletic prowess, Myla's dedication to giving back shines through her work with HOOPS Inc. Here, she mentors young athletes, sharing her journey and encouraging them to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Supported by HOOPS Inc., Myla not only achieves her own goals but also helps foster a supportive environment for budding sports talent.

Thomas Hinton - Sleep Science Specialist for Professional Athletes

Thomas Hinton

Enhancing Athletic Performance through Sleep Science

As a sleep medicine expert, Thomas Hinton brings a unique perspective to athletic training. His innovative approaches to improving sleep quality have dramatically enhanced athlete performance and recovery. At HOOPS Inc., Thomas implements programs that emphasize the importance of rest, teaching athletes to integrate scientifically-backed sleep habits into their routines. His work has been pivotal in promoting athletes' health and peak performance, ensuring that they can compete at their best, every day.

Jordan Dail - Professional Softball Player and Coach

Jordan Dail

Leading on and off the Field

Jordan Dail’s dual role as a player and coach allows her to impact the sports community uniquely. Her illustrious career is filled with notable achievements, but it’s her leadership and dedication to developing young talent that stand out. At HOOPS Inc., Jordan exemplifies the power of leading by example, inspiring both peers and proteges with her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Her partnership with HOOPS Inc. underscores the organization's commitment to nurturing leaders who are as passionate about personal growth as they are about community contribution.

Sponsors and Partners

Our mission at HOOPS Inc. could not thrive without the robust support of our dedicated donors and partners. We extend our deepest gratitude to the following key contributors:

PIPCO Construction Ltd: Known for their expertise in complex civil and industrial projects, PIPCO Construction Ltd has consistently been recognized for excellence in construction and safety standards. Their support powers our infrastructure needs and community construction projects.

X1 Marketing Inc: As a leader in innovative marketing solutions, X1 Marketing Inc has garnered awards for its creative approaches and results-driven strategies. Their expertise in digital promotions significantly boosts our visibility and outreach efforts.

Turf Solutions: Specializing in premium landscaping and turf management, Turf Solutions has been praised for their sustainable practices and exceptional service quality. They ensure our sports facilities are not only functional but also environmentally friendly.

Ethnic woman volunteering

The growing list of donors

Rumberger's Wings: A local favorite, Rumberger’s Wings has been celebrated for their community service and culinary excellence. Their sponsorship helps fund community events and gatherings, enhancing our local engagement.

US Representative - Darren LaHood: Representing Illinois's 18th congressional district, Darren LaHood has been a vocal supporter of community initiatives and local development. His advocacy brings vital attention and federal support to our programs.

Attorney Chris McCall: Renowned for his legal expertise and commitment to justice, Attorney Chris McCall is highly respected in the Peoria community. His legal guidance ensures our operations are secure and compliant, facilitating smooth program execution.

The commitment of these donors not only supports our day-to-day operations but also amplifies our community initiatives, enabling us to extend our reach and impact more lives. Their diverse contributions reflect the strength and unity of our community, propelling HOOPS Inc. towards a brighter, more empowered future.

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Your Participation Fuels Community Success and Athletic Excellence in Peoria

We warmly invite you to join our mission at HOOPS Inc. Your support, whether through donations, participation in our programs, or attendance at our events, is crucial for our continued success. By engaging with HOOPS Inc., you become part of a community that champions empowerment through sports and collaboration. Your involvement helps us provide valuable opportunities to young athletes and community members, fostering positive changes and stronger community ties. Together, we can achieve great things and create lasting impacts in Peoria and beyond. Join us today and help us continue building a supportive and dynamic community.

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