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HOOPS - Honor-Oneness-Opportunity-Purpose-Selfless

Our mission

The mission of HOOPS Inc is to provide a positive impact in communities through competitive sports by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support through mentorship, education, job placement, access to mental health professionals, and camaraderie while ultimately curbing violence by empowering the lives of many according to the teachings of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

forget typical, It's Exceptional.

Gain spiritual mentorship, leadership skills, holistic support. Curb violence, uplift communities through athletics and unifying camaraderie. Rise above the ordinary game.

Our Vision: Unified communities through sports to represent Christ.

Empowering Athletes to Soar to New Heights

Cutting-edge training, personalized support, and a community of like-minded champions, we provide the platform for athletes to soar.

Bonded warriors - HOOPS Inc and the Military

Bonded Warriors

At HOOPS Inc., we foster a brotherhood like no other, where unbreakable camaraderie fuels our collective drive for greatness. We extend our deepest gratitude to our veterans and active military personnel, honoring them as truly bonded warriors who exemplify the strength and unity we strive for in all our endeavors.

at the top of their game

Rise Above Limits

We empower individuals to defy their own limitations and unleash their full potential.

Mila Hill - HOOPS INC - MMA Fighter and Daughter of NBA legend Grant Hill

Myla hill

Myla Hill, an amateur MMA fighter and daughter of NBA legend Grant Hill and singer, song writer
Tamia, started mixed martial arts training in 2019 at VI Levels gym, a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training facility
where she is a purple belt. Myla made her amateur debut two years later at the age of 21. Myla started
her career with a perfect 3-0 record while attending Rollins College pursuing a major in business management. Myla’s goal is to turn professional in the near future.

Break Barriers

We equip our members with the tools and mindset needed to break through barriers and achieve breakthrough success.

Thomas Hinton - HOOPS INC - Sleep Medicine Professional for NBA and MMA

Thomas hinton

Thomas Hinton, a sleep medicine professional of greater than 12 years and certified health coach
currently serves as CEO/founder of Circadian Health Systems, where he provides targeted education and
experience-based sleep programs to individuals to help them optimize and improve their personal
performance while impacting decision making, reaction time, muscle fiber/tissue recovery and repair, cognitive function, speed/strength, overall health, and sleep hygiene. Such client base includes NBA, WNBA, Olympians, MMA, Semi-Pro as well as grade school through high school athletes. Thomas is passionate about helping athletes understand how and why sleep directly impacts their athletic, mental and physical performance while instilling a championship mindset to assist in molding athletes into the best version of themselves on and off the field.

Achieve greatness

We cultivate skills, foster a winning mindset, and instill the values of discipline, teamwork, and determination.

Jordan Dail - HOOPS INC - Professional Softball Player with Texas Smoke

Jordan dail

Jordan Dail, a left-handed pitcher, had a successful pitching career at Oregon from 2019-2022 after
playing as a freshman at Virginia Tech in 2018. During Jordan’s time with Oregon she pitched 368
innings in 85 appearances, 32 wins, 28 complete games, three saves, 354 strikeouts, with two NCAA
tournament appearances and finished her career ranked 11th all-time in program history for strikeouts. After graduating from University of Oregon, Jordan was a volunteer assistant coach at North Carolina in 2022 and now an assistant coach at Pitt. Jordan is playing professionally with the Texas Smoke of the Women’s Professional Fastpitch (WPF) and were the inaugural champions in 2023.

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Our league is a playground of innovation, where creativity, athleticism, and strategic brilliance collide. Experience a fresh approach that blends tradition with cutting-edge concepts, fostering an exhilarating atmosphere for players and fans alike.

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